Elementary School memories.

I remember once one of my friends and I were going to throw butter at people after lunch and we went outside and he found a carrot on the ground and threw it at his brother. Their mom thought it was a Cheeto. What about you? What weird memories do you have from elemantary school or your childhood?

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lol. had fun reading all your stories guys!
Can't help laughing cause I remember how I grew up.. Oh, elementary days are the most memorable days!
being in distance ED i only actually went to my school twice a year
when it came to going on "excursions" ONLY the year six (sixth grade?) kids were allowed up back of the bus. an unwritten law of teh primary school food-chain..LOL
my memory is that my best friend and i spent all our school years trying to get up back, once we succeed but were quickly shooed away by some older kids. we even tried whining to the principal!!!!
three years ago we were FINALLY allowed up back, being year six students, we fitted us small class of five on a three/four person seat........
and spent the whole time seeing who could do the weirdest thing..like crossing our eyes or bending our fingers back or folding their tongues....all in all..we found it wasn't that great! LOL
Hmm. I'll spare the dysfunctional family ones and stick to awkwardness! This little boy named Bo had an obsessive crush on me in first grade. He told his mother (she related the story to my mother) that I looked just like Pocahontas and I had the prettiest brown eyes ever. He made me a Valentine's card, and I guess he was sort of my first boyfriend. But my most vivid memory of him involves him pushing me down so he could kiss me, while all the girls on the playground sang, "Jessica and Bo, sitting in a tree" at the top of their lungs instead of helping me. Jerks. But it's alright. I kept that Valentine and embarrassed him with it in eighth grade. At that point he was one of the most popular boys in school, and I think he was mortified to have been in love with someone from a "lower class". :D Oh, and I got my first pair of glasses in second grade. They were HUGE, PINK, and OBNOXIOUS. I was made fun of for them everyday. This also occurred around the time that a mysterious mutant fang began growing out of the gum line above my two front teeth, leading to those being removed before they should have been. I was a complete mess for a couple years. Actually, let's face it. I didn't look nice until a couple years ago. :P
Don't worry about "mutant fangs". I had two of thos (upper canines) just happens when adult teeth come in above the baby teeth
This little boy named Bo

Yup, definitely Kentucky. ;-)

Just kidding, my dad's name is Bo.
> I didn't look nice until a couple years ago
Heh. Bet any guys who snubbed you "a couple years ago" are sorry NOW!
dsman1952769 years ago
well in 6th grade i got made fun of a lot(and the bullys would swear at me for no puticaler reason).
oh my god thats so sad :(
also my teachers were horrible that year and a lot of raceisem when on at my school(mostly to my friend and me(we were made fun of because we were white)) I also was given a week of detechion because I was punched in the stomach by the bully and did not yell for the teacher to come help me or something dumb(I got more days of decechion then the person who punched me!!!)
racisim is sad
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