Elevated Barrel Design!

Im working on an elevated barrel design thats quite simple to make.I'll post it soon if you guys want me to. I just got some pics of this monster:

Picture of Elevated Barrel Design!
iKill10 years ago
gears of war jawn
That Hurt This Time (author) 10 years ago
I got it to work and it fires 20-30 feet. My brother rated it on a one to ten scale of pain an 8 for white, 7 for green, and 6 for blue. This was at point blank range, of course. It sort of evolved into a mini crossbow/rifle. I borrowed the handle from tpaks sniper, and I think Oodalumps unbreakable firing pin. Hey, I think someone with a motor should make a chainsaw bayonet mod. That would be funny.
That Hurt This Time (author) 10 years ago
I finished it, but the olny setup of rubber bands that i used that didnt snap is weak and fires about ten feet. As soon as i post it i hope you guy can find a way to mod it.