Ellie's PPK/Makarov!

Just got finished playing my all time favorite game, The Last of Us! My favorite character in the game was Ellie! So I decided to build the gun she used, a Walther PPK! Naughty Dog tweaked the the gun to make it look similar to the Walther PPK. In the game was not as small as the real PPK, it was a little bit bigger, it also was the version with the short, stubbier magazine, not the magazine that has another finger groove in it. I built this gun just as a model, going straight for looks. I like to build the model type because it gives me practice to ace the looks of guns. Specs:
  • Fake, dummy hammer.
  • Slanted, sturdy handle.
  • Trigger Guard.
  • Working trigger.
  • Very comfortable to hold.
  • Built very well.
  • Rear sight, no front sight.

Picture of Ellie's PPK/Makarov!
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CODawesome3 years ago
excellent gun, excellent game.
Johnhall143 years ago
lol now make it work XD
TheRacker3 years ago
What's this? A knex pistol that actually looks like what it's supposed to be replicating as well as is about the same size and not stupidly fat or big? Great job!
didexo3 years ago
I'm left handed :p. Anyways cool gun, rerally like the handle.

BTW I was thinking of getting the game, but is it really worth it?
That is actually pretty boss bro.. BTW, are you left-handed? I was just wondering...
Looks good!
It's pretty awesome don't get me wrong, but I think there are too many rubberbands hanging everywhere on it. I know it's necessary to get some of the looks down, but I'm just sayin.
didexo3 years ago
2 guns at once.....
It looks really nice and comfortable, but nothing like a PPK I've seen.

Dat handle, though.