Embed 3D models with SketchUp

If you want to share a 3D view of your SketchUp model, you can now use embed code to place it into a webpage. First the model needs to be in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, but once it's there you scroll to the bottom and select Include > 3D View to get the code.

Here's one of Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Picture of Embed 3D models with SketchUp
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ReCreate8 years ago
wait...we can include HTML in instructables and topics?
fwjs28 ReCreate8 years ago
thats my question....
fwjs28 fwjs288 years ago
whoa, the check spelling box reapeared...i thought that was a pro thing...
It's also a Firefox thing. GO FIREFOX!!!!!
or opera, GO OPPPPPPPPPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111 one
Ohio! thats what instructables spell check told me.... :P
type in wahoo! and hit check spelling, you'll see
ReCreate fwjs288 years ago
You're blaming me for stealing your question? Or you thought the same thing?
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