Embedded Youtube videos missing - blank space


Previously embedded youtube videos are missing.  There is a blank space where the video widget should appear in the instructable.  2 videos are missing.   I also had embedded a video as a comment in forum topic "Why" and that embedded youtube video no longer appears.  The comment appears as a blank space.

XP, bug appears in IE and Safari.

update: FIXED. I needed to uninstall flash player and install latest flash player.  Security settings to allow video to run only on external programs seems to have been reset/changed in IE8 browser options.

Chicken22098 years ago
appears fine in ff right now
youtube was doing maintenance, so i think that was the source of the problem
caitlinsdad (author)  Chicken22098 years ago
Hmm, seems my PC is afflicted with the Youtube upgrade/ Flash player/java incompatibility syndrome BSOD (blank screen of death).  I'll give FF a try in XP but it seems time for this machine to go Ubuntu. 
YES it is indeed time to go Ubuntu. :D
Doctor What8 years ago
I didn't seem to have any problem.  Could it be that your internet connection was running slow.  Sometimes, when my provider goes all mental, my internet slows to a screeching hault.  This tends to not allow video.