Emulators on the DS

I would really like to get a Nintendo DS. I do have one question though; how well do NES and SNES emulators work on the DS? I ask this because my friend recently got an R4 card which he uses to play such emulators on his DS. When he plays games like Super Metroid and Super Mario Brothers 3, the graphics are extremely choppy and in some cases unplayable. It is not just those roms either, the DS seems to have trouble with nearly all of the emulator games. Is there a way to fix this? I would really appreciate anyone who can help answer either of my questions.

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My boyfriend just recently got a Supercard for our DS. You can run nearly any emulator as well as homebrew games with it. He hasn't had any issues and really likes it. :)
NSXxS20009 years ago
you cant fix it but you can get the r4 expansion that fits in gameslot 2 I believe this supports SNES and NES emulators, also r4s arent being sold anymore
you can buy them online at dealextreme for 6 dollars.
r4 is sold, but hard to find in stores
SC-Ghost (author)  NSXxS20009 years ago
Specifically, are there any emulators that support EarthBound?
Tomcat949 years ago
Hmm...Maybe setting the frame skip down to where it captures more frames would work. Either that, or, get a better emulator. Other than that, I'm out of ideas.
SC-Ghost (author)  Tomcat949 years ago
I guess more specifically: Do you know of any good DS emulators?
You also may be able to find a emulator at http://www.ndshb.com/
Dunno, lemme do a quick search....

The NES emulator used here is called NesterDS and it works quite well.

Also, look at this. It's a complete list of emulators just for your ds.

Hope I was able to help! :)
SC-Ghost (author)  Tomcat949 years ago
Thank you very much. That is pretty much the bomb.com I don't mean to be a bother, but do you happen to know the best place to purchase an R4 card for the DS with the PC and DS adapters?
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