Ender's Game being turned into... a game.

Ender's Game is being adapted into a video game. It won't be the whole book so no hacking mini-games where you try and post comments as another student. No, this will be focusing on the Battle Room. Even more intriguing, to me at least, is that this will be distributed via Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network and not on a disc. Very interesting.

So how excited am I about this? Excited enough to say that it will likely be absolutely horrible and worthless. That's right, I'm burying my expectations right next to all those copies of E.T. for the 2600. Otherwise I risk extreme disappointment which leads to rage which leads to fighting words in Internet forums which just leads to a sorry state of being altogether.

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I love the book...hopefully they'll make a wii version!
The Nintendo Wii is one of the most WORTHLESS video game consoles! All of the games that utilize the motion sensor are incredibly primitive! The other games that don't use the motion technology, look bad, and play bad. The Nintendo Wii is one overrated, rip-off product!
All I know is that I enjoy playing on a Wii much more than I do an Xbox or play station, and I could care less about specs if I don't enjoy it as much.
That's true.
read the book..myeh not bad. met the author in ireland. He is a Mormon like my brother. My bro sees all kinds of parallels between the church and the book...I dont. A better game ready book would be "the Forever War" great ideas
Ferrite9 years ago
Great book, it seems like it would hard to make a good video game of it though. Actually playing the game that they play in the book would be awesome!!
Oh, I loved the book, but the videogame scares me. :P Then again, some book-to-videogame conversions might be okay. Right? Someone please say yes!
Umm... Uhhh... Yeah, I'm not thinking of any successful ones yet. I guess it could be done though...
halo... or did they make the game, and then a novel based on the game?
The novels are based off the game. At least I am pretty sure they are.
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