Energy wheel

This Idea is based on Magnetic Repulsion and Kinetic force.

According to diagram there will be a  Wheel and a magnet(1) will be attached with this wheel. There will be a balance system(seesaw system) and two magnets(2no.magnet and 3no. magnet) will be attached with this balance system .

when 1 magnet will repel 2 no.magnet then the 2 no.magnet will move upward and due to this movement the 3 no. magnet will come down and will work to repel 1 no. magnet and wheel will start to rotate.
when 1 no. magnet will again repel 2 no.magnet after a rotation then the 3 no. magnet will again work to repel the 1 no.magnet.

In this way the wheel will rotate again and again.The magnetic strength of 1 no. magnet will be high than 2 no. and magnetic strength of 3 no. magnet will be high than 1 no. magnet.
I want to develop this technology.

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vikram_gupta11 (author) 1 year ago

its not my intention that people waste their time and money. if someone is not agree with this idea thenjust do some work to know the feasibility wheather it will work or not.if u go back in history then u will know that many inventions ideas were rejected by experts but develop successfully later .so if someone is interested in this idea then he may try to develop a model .im not forcing people to try this idea if someone is interested then he will try to develop a working model and if not then drop it .i just thought about this idea and drew a sketch to know the comments and reviews.i just request to those people who have interest in this kind of ideas .

"if u go back in history then u will know that many inventions ideas were rejected by experts but develop successfully later"

think of the few times ideas were rejected but became successful, now think of all of the times that the ideas were rejected and never became successful

He's using the Galileo Gambit, a form of the Association Fallacy.

When you spend enough time talking to the only-slightly-informed members of fringe interest groups, you tend to learn a bit about failures in logic.

vikram_gupta11 (author) 1 year ago

There are many people who have interest in these kind of Ideas and I publish this Idea sothat if possible they could add some more features and develop this Idea upto next level where it could work.There is a need of some more work on this Idea and I'm confident that someone has started work on this Idea .

You are getting responses here from science educators, experienced makers and professional physicists - you will not try it for yourself, so you will have to believe us.

If you still do not believe us, the only way to persuade us your idea will work is to make it work - do the hard part, build the device and demonstrate it working.

The best thing about these topics is the perpetual flow of comments back and forth which never seem to cease and defy the laws of logic and common sense. Good times.

vikram_gupta11 (author) 1 year ago

i request again to forum members that at first try to make a prototype of this idea as it is getting initial energy to rotate with itself power and no one can predict about the feasibility without any prototype.i just posted this idea to know the comments and reviews and want that someone must work on this idea as i dont have any workshop facility to develop a first develop a small prototype and let me know the result.any forum member can do some work if he has a workshop facility.

Quite apart from the failure in science understanding, you are asking
other people to invest time, materials and money in building something
that you cannot explain properly in words.

Even though you say you do not have a workshop, you do have access to a computer - draw up a proper scale drawing of what you want built, and you will either persuade people to build it, or you will gain understanding of the reasons why other people say it will not work.

You request this??? LOL
It works the other way around: You present a working prototype and we go from there.
Why would we build one for you just to show the flaws we already know?

So you're not even interested in wasting your own time on this foolishness, but you want someone else to do it for you? That is certainly, er, "ambitious."

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