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hi everyone i'm building an automatic swing gate (for my project) which uses a pneumatic actuator to open it but i'm struggling to determine how the gate is going to close, as the actuator does not have a longer stroke. i only have two and half weeks left for my due date, any help would greatly be appreciated. thanks

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Stroke length is totally unimportant.
All that matters is how the actuator moves the gat and how much force can be applied.
I will give you hint, after that ask your teacher for more or use Google:
Lever !
Give me a long enough lever and I lift the world ;)

Have you taken a look at commericial automatic door opener/closers to see how they work?

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hi yeah I did and been thinking the whole day of attaching it on the pillar at one end and the opening stroke on the bottom of the gate just like those commercial door openers. What do you think

It's all a matter of thinking out your design. How heavy is the gate. Are the actuators a piston or rotary type. How powerful are they or do they need to be geared up or fixed to some mechanism. How to translate that motion to push or pull the gate. Would a spring suffice to just pull your door closed and do you need to account for the force of the spring as your push the gate out. Can the gate be on rollers and sliding back and forth or is the gate design a standard door hinged on one side. Good luck.

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