Eos t3i power adapter

I just bought my first real camera. The canon t3i. I want to order an ac adapter for the unit. The one made by canon, is 69  bucks, but i have seen other branded ac adapters for 14.99 of course this raises all kinds of questions, is the canon overpriced? Probably.  Is the chaper brand going to harm my camera? I dont know. Maybe some of you can shed light or convince me to buy the OEM ac adapter.... 

molson42 years ago
Hey SlickSqueegie, I just got the T3i about 2 months ago. (I'm hesitant about putting an off-brand battery in mine, so I can certainly relate.)
I'd say do a little research. Here's what I found about the batteries: Go here:
Hope it helps. Happy shooting!
SlickSqueegie (author)  molson42 years ago
This is excellent information! Thank you for posting this.. I was actualy looking for the "AC adapter" for the T3I part NO ACK-E8. I went ahead and got the canon ac adapter.
molson42 years ago
One more thing. I just found this, right here on Instructables. Not for the T3i, but a Canon, anyway.
DSLR Camera Mod: Plug in Power for Less Than $10 by nonoodlez
Your warenty should be void if you don't use the canon adapter.
Beyond that check it with a meter.
SlickSqueegie (author)  Josehf Murchison2 years ago
My father has been using a cheap one for years with his sony, without issue... I know the warranty will be void, but i also know OEM stuff is overpriced as well... I should just get the oem one...
Radio Shack or the Source is good for picking a good cheap one if they carry the camera.
And if they sold you the camera they will honor the warranty.