Epic thread patch contest! UPDATED - All gone! Thanks for participating!

I seem to be flush with all these shiny patches! They're burning a hole in my pocket, and I can't wait to give them away.

So here's the deal: start or reply to an epic thread on this topic. Comment exchanges that are Epic in some way (epically funny, epically fail, epically thoughtful, epically intelligent, involving epic numbers of staff (where staff number > 0 = EPIC) or any other kind of epic) win all epic participants patches!!

Exchanges on other topics or instructables - published AFTER 7/24 10:12 PM Central time - are also eligible for submission, but comments on here are preferred. ;)

So go on, make my day with an epic posting!


Wow, you guys are pretty epic!! I've got two epic patches left to give - I'm going to make you work much, much harder for the last two. ;)

Last epic patches go to especially epic posts. You have to make me either literally laugh out loud or cry (or both). Seeing as how this is a more demanding requirement, the prize is a little sweeter - I'll give you any * patch you want!

*see instructables TOS for pertinent exceptions

UPDATE: All gone! Wow! Ya'll are really epic!!

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Attempting is not a good idea. You have run out of patches.
Haiku is not good. It hurts my head very bad. Please stop this madness.
But why, Mr. Matt? To haiku is not madness; It is simply calm.
How did you find out? All of my friends call me that, Mr. Matt that is.
Well then, Mr. Matt, Born fourteen ninety seven, Maybe I know you.
PM me the name, That people call you that is. We won't know 'till then.
Ok, Mr. Matt, I think that I will do that. PMing right now.
Um my PM broke I cant send so yeah I dont no u
Yes, I'm not surprised but you ditched the haikus ways! Shun, shame, how bad, you.
Camisado8 years ago
If DJ wins a patch because of the Sparta line, give me the patch 'cause he stole that line from me. He just made it more 1337.
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