Epilog contest page layout

So, I saw the Epilog contest today and when I saw the page, I noticed the different layout for the header, and I liked it. Just stick in the orange and change the "You" bar to white and you have a much slimmer header bar for Instructables. Any thoughts?

Picture of Epilog contest page layout
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Kiteman8 years ago
That was deliberate? I thought something was broken. Yeh, put the orange back in the top section, I'm happy.
gmjhowe Kiteman8 years ago
HAPPY!?!!?!? what about the hand! we can not loose the hand.
gmjhowe gmjhowe8 years ago
Plus, those adverts that display in the header are kinda needed..
n8man (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
Oh yea, I forgot about those... Adblock plus FTW
Kiteman gmjhowe8 years ago

I guess Epilogue are paying to have the page without other adverts.

And, yes, I agree about the hand.

(Did you see Canida's suggestion that you and I collaborate in the contest?)
gmjhowe Kiteman8 years ago
No I did not! I will go hunt it down. Indeed, Eplilog wouldn't be too happy if one of the google adwords popped up with link to other laser cutter sellers.