Eric Wilhelm of Instructables Featured on NPR

Last week, Eric Wilhelm, the founder of Instructables, was featured in an NPR piece on the cooking style of "sous vide" and how many people are bringing the technique home with their own DIY versions.

Check out the piece to learn more about these cooking techniques, and to hear Eric rave about salmon: 

Picture of Eric Wilhelm of Instructables Featured on NPR
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ilpug6 years ago
I listen to NPR all the time (no TV) and of course, this is the one I miss. I wonder why when Eric gets on the news it is related to cooking instead of an article all about Instructables.

Sous vide is amazing!
Kryptonite6 years ago
"...a DIY Website"

Oh come on, we're not just that, we should be "...The DIY Website, Instructables", at least!
or at very least "one of the TOP DIY websites", eh?
Actually, are we the top?
Well, we can claim to be in Tip Top shape :-P
Goodhart6 years ago
Nice job. I really regret everything that led up to my missing makerfair this year...*sigh*