Esquire Magazine Gets E-inked

E-ink a technology that came out of Eric's lab at MIT a few years ago was having a hard time getting traction and finding a market. It's amazing tech, no doubt. It looks and feels just like paper. A reflective visual experience is actually much nicer on the eyes. You must have seen the Amazon Kindle at a border some time. But few hackers have $350 extra to spend on something to destroy.

But rejoice all ye who tinker! Esquire Magazine's October issue has an E-ink cover. And it's available at the normal magazine price, but you'd better hurry there's only 99,999 left after The Dastardly Report got their hands on one and opened it up.


Picture of Esquire Magazine Gets E-inked
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dajjhman9 years ago
it is actually very hackable, as the display can be safely cut up with an x-acto!!!
therefore, once can cut up the segments into uniform squares and make connections to the now separated electrodes individually, and then you will have a dot-matrix e-ink display!!
this is theoretical, as I can't test it until tomorrow, but my display still worked fine after many cuts though!!! _
How generous of the publishers to give this great boon to newsstand buyers but not to their loyal subscribers.
gmoon9 years ago
Unfortunately from what I've read, the Esquire e-ink isn't a pixel matrix; rather it's a few fixed segments that can only be switched on and off--not changed. Like the display on a cheap LCD game or a calculator. If true, the hackability is limited....
soulcmdc9 years ago
These aren't particularly useful anyhow. These are segmented E-ink displays - not active matrix style. There isn't much re-use that is possible with this set - but these are much cheaper to produce than the active matrix. The tech still has a little ways to go - but not that far.
I got a couple copies yesterday. I gave one to Colin and he tore it up right away to see its innards. The other copy is at my place blinking away. The fact that you get two screens to try and hack for $6 is cool. The actual use of the e-ink on the cover is pretty lame and a poor excuse for high-tech landfill.
lamedust (author)  fungus amungus9 years ago
Yeah, I actually found some just now... It's like Esquire Mag all over again.. : (! -bg
Yeah, I had it on my desk for a bit and the blinking drove me nuts. I was happy to toss it to Colin for deconstruction at that point.
If you're looking to get rid of one, I'd be more than happy to oblige...
me too :D
KentsOkay9 years ago
Must.... hack!
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