Essential Kitchen Tools

What kitchen tools are absolutely essential to you?

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Ibrokeit4 years ago
A seasonal must, the one and only "Corn Zipper". I'm not talking about canning, but for making salads, or just stripping it off the cob, this is a great kitchen addition( kind of in the same way that I need a cherry pitter).
garnishrecipes (author)  Ibrokeit4 years ago
Whoa, cool! I didn't know they made these. We have a lot of corn on the cob left over from a party, I'll have to check these out!
cast iron skillet and pot is a needed addition.
Pressure Cooker
Frying pan
Pressure cooker! My boyfriend was asking me the other day if a pressure cooker is worth while getting. The only thing I could think to do with it was fried chicken or cook potatoes a bit faster. What do you use it for?
karalalala4 years ago
I'm a baker and this is what is in my toolbox at work:

- My cheap but trustworthy 10" chef knife. It's long enough to cut through giant slabs of brownies in 2 strokes, with a nice tall blade that won't get lost in a cheesecake, ugly enough that no one "accidentally" takes it home with them..

- A seriously sharp 12" serrated cake/bread knife, indispensable for trisecting even the most unruly of sponge cakes and will break down a pineapple in a matter of seconds

- Paring knife with a hook on the end, its has a certain maneuverability through things like rolled out sheets of dough, and you can use it to make torpedo shaped zucchini's or tomato roses if you're into that. It's hooked nose means I poke my finger less.. somehow that seems to be a problem..

- A large balloon whisk

- A heat resistant spatula

- A small & large star tip piping nozzle, and a round tip nozzle

- Dough scraper. Probably my most used and most overlooked tools. I use it for cleaning up sticky floury messes, portioning out dough or to safely cut through pounds of cold butter.

- A large palette knife, I use it all day long to smooth out bars before they go into the oven, mask cakes, or if nothing else is within reach, to stir a pot with...

- Lastly, my absolute most used tool.. a sturdy wooden spoon. Wouldn't be caught dead without it.

As long as I have these things, anything is possible, or at least, improvised well!
garnishrecipes (author) 5 years ago
At the bare minimum, I'm happy with a sharp knife, a large cutting board, and a deep sided saute pan.
Add a silicone spatula, and I'd agree that this is the ideal baseline.
I think you pretty much covered it... I can't be bothered with a whole lot else. In the time it takes to get out some gadget or a food processor, I've got whatever it is I'm doing done with a knife and cutting board - plus theres much less to clean up that way. As far as pots and pans, I think it really depends on what I'm making, but I find nowadays I use my new tabletop-oven a lot more. Its larger than the old toaster ovens, more powerful and efficient and has more than enough room to cook just about anything... so I guess its an "essential" to me now. :-)
garnishrecipes (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Ooh that sounds useful! I imagine I'd use a tabletop oven more than a microwave. It sounds like a good fix for a small kitchen situation, too.
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