Etch-a-Sketch clock

The Etch-a-Sketch gets a cool new hack with this clock that automatically draws in the time every minute and shakes it up in between. Slick.

via Neatorama

Picture of Etch-a-Sketch clock
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larystoy7 years ago
Years ago as a joke a friend of mine gave me an etch-a-sketch and called it a lap top.

I still have that etch-a-sketch, this is going to be fantastic to build and send to him as a reminder of our frendship.

Thanks for all of your work, will let you know how it turns out in the future.

Heheh, Dilbert. How did you get the image of that comic? Clip it out of a newspaper and tape it to a scanner (My guess)?
No someone else did that - right-click - properties.

crazyrog177 years ago
 i think i've seen this before on hackaday or somthing, but rediscovering it... it's still awesome, man. 

keep it up! 

build a full size one that varies where the time is written. i can see the screen getting scratched up in those trails like my old etch-a-sketch did. 
jestertime7 years ago
 pretty sweet clock! best i have ever seen.
Purple Guy7 years ago
 Excellent! that's amazing!
 nice one!
Patented7 years ago
1 word : WOW !

Thats so amazing !
praga377 years ago

Genious ! Sheer Genious !... This is THE most astonishing clock I've seen ever. Kudos to you my friend :)

 oh my goodness, one  of the more unique clocks ive seen :D incredible. looks like you did a great job on build quality as well
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