Ethernet to USB Wii Adaptor

My sister finally unboxed our Wii after it just sitting there for a few months and shes been bugging me to connect it to the internetz. So anyway Nintendo being Nintendo they made the Wii without a Ethernet port so I was thinking I could just make a Ethernet to USB adaptor. Would this work with my Wii?

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thepaul939 years ago
get a $50** wifi access point
**if you life in Australia

don't buy the usb that plugs into ur pc because you have to have your computer running all the time
emuman4evr (author)  thepaul939 years ago
Well my computer is running all the time.
well its up to you the access point will probably have more strength and speed
emuman4evr (author)  thepaul939 years ago
So I can just use my wireless router to connect the wii?
i bought one from ebay, it doesnt even light up on this computer, but on my other ones, it does. idk what it is, because nothing lights up on it=[
emuman4evr (author) 9 years ago
From the picture it doesn't look like theres a chip in there but there could be.
westfw9 years ago
maybe. A cheap wireless access point is more certain (wireless is built-in to the WII), and perhaps not even much more expensive,