Event programmable USB LED/light (for the deaf)

Would like to see... a USB LED, which can be programmed to light up ...based on some 'event' such as new email, or whatever software triggers can be programmed, to turn the light on/off.  Even better, if there was a means to use different colors... or blink rates.

I recently picked up this R2-D2 toy: And thought it would be awesome if I could hack it some how to run off USB power instead of 3 1.5V button cell batteries, and the sound effect and LED would be triggered when I received an email, or some other 'event' as well as maintaining the original front button functions. If anyone is up to the challenge, please keep me posted. Even at only $7.00 I think this little guy is too cool to tare open for my first attempt at anything like this. Maybe I should order a couple extras.
sasarchiver2 years ago
try arduino
RpD (author)  sasarchiver2 years ago
Thanks ;)... I will investigate.
sasarchiver RpD2 years ago
i just got my arduino board few weeks ago. just need to learn it now lol good luck
that would indeed be the simplest method.

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