Ever Saved a Motorcycle from the Scrap Heap?

I come across old unloved bikes alot. Somebody got all excited and bought a real beauty. After a couple of years, the newness wore off, and the old bike spent 20 years in the barn rusting away. Lots of times these old 2wheelers can be had for the asking, or at least for scrapyard prices. I love to save these old bikes from certain destruction at the hands of weather/recyclers/inexperienced tinkerers. I'm working on an ible about salvaging these old machines. Anybody else out there ever saved a classic/junker from the elements (or even worse, the crusher)? Any tricks you know for bringing one of these would-be stallions back to life?

Picture of Ever Saved a Motorcycle from the Scrap Heap?
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yes i want it them or what ever you have please give me a call at 951-665-9501 thank u my name is guy

XaqFixx7 years ago
Picked this up yesterday, was my dad's bike in college and has been rotting away in a barn since '75. This is a terrible cell phone pic but I will be documenting the whole process of getting it running. Hopefully, I will also document the process of converting it to a small cafe racer. In the background you can see my other rescue-project bike, a 1972 Harley M65S (aka Leggero) that I am doing for my wife.

Taking them over to a friends house to work on them though, so my wife (or homeowners association) doesn't have me killed
lemonie XaqFixx7 years ago

Is that a Honda 175?

XaqFixx lemonie7 years ago
Yep. a '72 CB175. I plan on switching the pipes with the ones from a CL175 and converting it to a cafe racer inspired bike.
skunkbait (author)  XaqFixx6 years ago
My youngest boy is looking to make a small displacement CB cafe racer. Let me know how yours goes!
Skunkus, still amungst us. Happy New Year!
skunkbait (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Happy New Year to you! Been sidetracked! Need to be more productive in the new year!!
Will Do!! Visiting friends up north and it looks like I am getting a CL175 as well that needs much less work.
lemonie XaqFixx7 years ago

Do show us when you're done.

XaqFixx lemonie7 years ago
Will do. Plan to document the whole process.
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