Ever been bullied?

So I'm in high school and I'm fresh. And I am being bullied by kids. And I wonder have this happen to you before? And how did you handle it?

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Kiteman9 years ago
Comments from a teacher:

1. Report it. Every time. If it's in class, tell the teacher straight away. Do it quietly if you want, or just brazen it out and politely interrupt the teacher - Excuse me, Mr Smith...

1a. If you can't bring yourself to tell a teacher, try asking a classroom assistant or a friend to talk to the staff with you or for you.

1b. Tell somebody at home. Even if you don't want them to get involved, they need to know you're not happy, and why.

2. Document it. If it continues after being reported, keep a note in your diary or planner of what they do, where and when. After a few days, take that to somebody more senior than the last time you reported it. Again, be polite - I'm afraid Mr Smith hasn't been able to stop this happening...

3. Do not retaliate. Hard, I know, but if you react to their actions, they will continue. If you fight back, especially if you raise a gang of some sort, there is a very real risk that you will be the one in trouble.

4. Don't give up. If none of 1-3 work, take it up the chain of command - Deputy Head, Head, Governors. Get your parents to write a letter (not an email) to somebody senior at school to enquire why the bullying has not been resolved.

When I was at school, I was bullied. It affected me badly, but I didn't tell anybody, until a teacher caught the bully at it. The teacher offered to hold the bully still while I hit him (!). That particular bully stopped when a girl hit him in the head with her stiletto heel, and it stuck...

Now, as a teacher with extra pastoral duties, I still have a problem with bullies, because they are more subtle than some people realise, and thus hard to catch. I often have to get victim and bully together to talk about "appropriate behaviour" (we're not allowed to hold them down any more).

Basically, you are not alone as a victim of bullying. Chin up, there are lots of people who can be on your side.
. Excellent answer. . > with extra pastoral duties . ROFLMAO When I read that, my first thought was that you, probably the most outspoken atheist on the site, had taken up preaching. Took a second to make the shepherd connection.

I got promoted, I'm now Acting Year 7 Coordinator - I'm now management, but with responsibility for pupils well-being and discipline, a roll referred to as "pastoral" in UK education.

It doesn't sound so religious over here, since few churches have pastors - they tend to be priests, ministers or vicars. In the military, they're padres.

Actually, "pastor" is associated (over here) with the particular kind of sleazy faker you get on televangelism channels, rather than somebody who genuinely cares for their flock.
. Congratulations! Do you still get to teach? You seem so passionate about teaching that I can't imagine you giving it up. . . OMG! Pastor is commonly used as the title for just about any clergy here in the Southern US, regardless of religion (not formally, of course, but in everyday talk). I've even heard Rabbis referred to as Pastor So-And-So. Don't know if I'll be able to keep from laughing out loud next time I hear it.
Oh, I still teach, six different classes, but I have to run my lessons differently now, just in case I get called out to deal with "the usual suspects". It also means I get the "pleasure" of phoning more parents to inform them that their sweet little child just flattened another kid who looked at them funny.
. The teacher/parent conversation was a bit different when I was in school.
T: We had to paddle your son at school today. (notice the past tense)
P: What did he do this time?
T: <you name it, I probably did it>
P: Thank you. His Father and I will make sure it never happens again.
P: Nacho! Go get me a switch.
There have been times recently when I have deliberately lied to parents to save the child a full-on beating. I used to get annoyed at kids' behaviour, then i started having more contact with the parents. I am not a violent man, but there are times...
. I got plenty of spankings, but was never abused. I was one of those kids that the only way to connect to my brain was through my butt. . Not too many things get me really upset, but ppl who abuse kids (or animals) is one of them. I'd probably get myself in trouble if dealing with an abusive parent.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
haha, whatever you do don't do something first, don't throw the first punch whatever, that way you won't get into as much trouble. I'd get is to just hold your ground? I don't know, I've never really been bullied (lucky me, haha). I guess just verbally abuse them back? But they have to be good, replaceing "you" with "you" is pitiful (for example you're stupid. Nooo, your stupid. Lolz)
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