Ever been hit?

By a car? Besides when I've managed to run over myself, all of the times that I've been hit have been at intersections, obeying the lights. I got hit by a 50cc scooter once, too. That was less painful than hilarious. I think I got hurt less than the gal on the scooter. I had to help her pick it up and get it started again...

I cross busy 4-lane streets in the middle of the block, rather than the light, for precisely that reason. Every time I've tried crossing Federal at the light, I've been hit or nearly hit by some cholo in a junker of a lowrider. Crossing the same street in the middle of the block, I've only had once close call, and that was my English teacher trying to be funny and just buzzing me.

One of my friends got laid out in the crosswalk by someone who jumped the light a few miles from our school. She was in a bad way for a while, with multiple compound fractures.

How about you? Ever been hit? How do you handle traffic and crossing?

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KentsOkay8 years ago
Once, and multiple near misses. Y'see once a month I stand around in a drive through giving seniors groceries as part of a program mah local food pantry puts on. Seniors and blind drive through don't mix. I generally dodge, especially when I gotta direct traffic, but once i got clipped by a old sedan. No injury, she was moving slow, she apologized profusely and I said 'salright....
oh yah, girls hit me, slap me, pinch me, body slam me etc CONSTANTLY for some unknown reason...
You DO enjoy it right?
Indeed, I am trying to discover why they assault me as they do.
Adrian Monk is a perfect example...
i got my foot run over once... Somehow, in one of the most flat places in the world (bonnaville salt flats) the car slid over onto my foot while i was trying to find something, then stopped right there, and i couldn't get my foot out for a while...
Rishnai (author)  AnarchistAsian8 years ago
My story detector is going off. Tell us about Bonneville!
bumpus9 years ago
As a cyclist. Two or three summers ago, I can't remember (prolly from the accident) I entered onto a street from an alley way, and was hit. I went up over the side of the hood, and landed right beside the back tire of the car. I had rubber marks along my left arm, and neck from the tire. The car that hit me was going about 40mph, my bike took the most of inertia, although I had a 2 foot bruise on the inside of my leg for a few months...
PKM9 years ago
Yep- straight on, by the front of the car doing maybe 20 or 30 mph. Fortunately, due to my ninja-like reflexes I had the presence of mind to jump straight upwards, so the front of the car hit my ankles rather than my knees, and I ended up rolling up the front of the car, rotating in the air for a bit and landing flat on the ground. If I hadn't jumped out of the way I would probably have broken both legs, if not worse, but as it was I just got some bruises.
Kiteman9 years ago
As a pedestrian, no, although I had a close shave with a cyclist in London, seemed to think red lights are only for cars. As a driver, yes - I pulled out of a junction and a car came over a blind bridge-summit at well over the speed limit, hit my driver's side door. My car was bent, curved so it wouldn't drive straight. I distinctly remember a half-second or so of weightlessness, after which my car landed on the pavement on the opposite side of the road, facing the wrong way. The sun-roof popped out, followed, oddly, by my spectacles. The car that hit me burst his radiator and split something oily in the engine. Everybody involved walked away from the accident with only bruises.
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