Ever heard of a Pyro Board? Look it up.

Hey guys, just wondering, theres this really cool thing called a 'Pyro Board', and i've looked ALL over the internet and i couldn't find anything on anyway you could build it, so, as a last resort, i decided to see if you guys could wip anything up. i'd really appreciate it. (im hoping to make one before my 17th birthday in june.) but yeah just search 'Pyro Board' on google and you'll get a ton of vids, theres really only one, but yeah, just wondering how to make the actual metal box contraption thingo. PLEASE try and make it!!! it's urgent, lemme know/ keep me update. :) thanks

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jamesi32 years ago

i am making the same thing for my senior project. How'd it go for you?

mercuryqiqi4 years ago
I awayls look for some nice to eat, and what you show help me. Thank you!
mconatser4 years ago

I want to try and make one using steel mesh instead of poking holes.
The tiny holes create "jet ports or nozzles" for the escaping gas to make a flaring flame effect. Steel mesh only makes it a suitable barbeque grill.
Thermionic5 years ago
I went to this amazing site called Google, i found three sites in two minutes with details on how to do it.
Wow you guys are dead set a-holes I would really like to see these "3 sites" you found in "2 minutes" how about you either put up or shut up.
I love google... Let me google that for you is also a nice site. click below...

Yeah, lmgtfy kind of takes care of all the sarcasm, in one web site.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Seems like "Reubens tube" devices in a planar configuration. have the gas nozzles rim a square platform pointed at each other. Plenty of ibles for that.