Everyone Is Quitting Knex

Everybody seems to be selling their knex due to the inactivity.

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~Meme~ (author) 4 years ago
Well, they dont seem to be selling ORIGINAL knex anymore.By original I dont mean micro rods and block elements.
They recently started selling all classic piece sets. http://knex.com/Classics/ There's also supposed to be a Screamin' Serpent-style roller coaster coming out, called Son of Serpent. But, the price is around $1000. :-( I think there should be an all-classic set that's $100 instead, just like most of the big sets used to be.
Lol @ the knex gas station. You WISH prices were this low.
didexo DJ Radio4 years ago
Ha about 2.70$. try 3.50$
Haha, it's called Knex gas... gas made out of Knex. :-P I wish Knex always made lots of classic piece sets, and not just for the 20th anniversary.
ERM WTF http://www.knex.com/Thrill_Rides/product.php?pc=89774
I LOLed at that one :D
I never knew grandfather clocks were rides!
LoL at the gas station indeed :-p
Fudge that, I have crossties. I'll just buy the cars and tubing separately on eBay when those get put up.
*YAY* @classic knex! :D
~Meme~ (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
Really? Interesting. A $1000 Knex set. Ill have to have a look...
There's also a grandfather clock that's that much, which has 9000 pieces.
~Meme~ (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
Kinetic4 years ago
Well, I can't say that everyone is quitting, because people do quit, but then more come in. What I can say is that these new people coming into the community, despite the fact that some are decent builders, seem to think that there is only one way to make a gun due to the fact that the "T" layout (a simple firing ram and vertical mag layout) outnumber any other type of gun that they simply don't get a chance to see anything else. Seriously. Do a graphical search of the most recent guns and you'll find that every one of them are exactly the same. My latest gun will be out within the week and I hope people see it and realize that it is ok to think outside the norm. You are all better than this. Let's see something new!
didexo Kinetic4 years ago
That doesn't mean all the people that come in are good.......
~Meme~ (author)  Kinetic4 years ago
The 'T' layout is the same problem I encountered. That new gun seems great!
I definitely look forward to what you're gonna post.
Sorunome4 years ago
SSC is VERY active
~Meme~ (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Who's SSC?
Sorunome ~Meme~4 years ago
SSC is a website
~Meme~ (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Knex.X4 years ago
1: what's wrong with a six year old pin mech if the gun lloks good nd
Functions well?
2: you're never too old to do things you like unless you have a very dominant girlfriend
3: instead of blabbering that everything was better in 2009 undertake something,
Inspire your friends, organize a grand tournament or invent something yourself

This is meant for all people who complain about the past
~Meme~ (author)  Knex.X4 years ago
Yes, I agree with you, but aren't you sick of block triggers?
Knex.X ~Meme~4 years ago
If you mean a trigger you pull sideways: yes
If you mean a true trigger blocking the pin: no
~Meme~ (author)  Knex.X4 years ago
I mean a trigger you pull sideways by 'block'.
~Meme~ (author) 4 years ago
Now Sharir has quit.
Sorunome4 years ago
I'm still building! My new ball machine is nearly finished! :P
~Meme~ (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Looking forward to that!
Sorunome ~Meme~4 years ago
Just one path is left to build :)
~Meme~ (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Yep :)
jollex4 years ago
Yeah just like everyone was quitting last year, and the year before that, and the year before that...
DJ Radio jollex4 years ago
You can't deny that the activity on the site for knexers has gone down significantly though.
~Meme~ (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Yes, no doubt gone to knex innovations.
DJ Radio ~Meme~4 years ago
Activity there has also dropped significantly.
~Meme~ (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Even more so.
~Meme~ (author)  jollex4 years ago
And the year before that.
~Meme~ (author) 4 years ago
I think Beanie Ostrich has been offline for a while.
Yes, not due to inactivity but due to lack of availability of useful parts for most things. On an unrelated note, if the comment you're thinking about replying to is over a few months old, DON'T REPLY TO IT. Or rather, try thinking before posting them because it's clear that you're not.
~Meme~ (author)  mettaurlover4 years ago
Thank you for trolling.=)
~Meme~ (author)  mettaurlover4 years ago
For gods sake, please stop nagging about my commenting. Please put some logic into your comments.If I were not thinking then how would I be typing?

Also, thank you for your contribution.
DJ Radio4 years ago
I haven't officially quit knex, I'm just super lazy.
Pretty Much this. I will have 1 week to a virtually unlimited suply in June, so I will get my ideas out then when I have an excuse to.
~Meme~ (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
As am I. Im working on a semi auto gun that uses oodalumps WASP mech, but a more reasonable trigger and body. Whats your thoughts?
DJ Radio ~Meme~4 years ago
Idk, I'll probably make one last thing then leave. My current interests and hobbies aren't something that you can post on ibles without it looking spammy, and I've all but left for Youtube because of this, and the fact that after a year, my /you page still doesn't load (I get an "Instructables is down" message every time I try).
~Meme~ (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Instructables is soon going to be run by people who dont use new ideas, or things that are innovative, but focus on pin mechanisms used six years ago. It is time for a change.

Good luck
DJ Radio ~Meme~4 years ago
We need a good mentoring for the new users. Not like it was for me even though I turned out awesome. Hell, I'd be willing to mentor someone as long as they aren't annoying.

The problem essentially is maturity of the newcomers. It's one where I can definitely say "been there, done that".
~Meme~ (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Do you think I need mentoring?
DJ Radio ~Meme~4 years ago
The real issue is the maturity of the users, more than the skill. If they're more mature, they're likely to learn from their mistakes and be more willing to learn about what's out there. You might need some creativity boosting but other than that you're fine.
~Meme~ (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Yes, Its not that I'm inactive with knex, its just that they wont let me submit anything any more. I've made a Halo spike rifle that hasn't been up loadable in 3 months.
~Meme~ (author) 4 years ago
Well I know of 3 people who have quit; ~KGB~,slimshaddy and karmachanger.
Well, I'm still buying, I'm just a slow builder :-p
Kiteman4 years ago
Somebody better warn the people at the Rodon Group...