Everyone Post your favorite sites!

Everyone post your favorite sites all in one place, il go first!\ ;)

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bertwert2 months ago
ahmedebeed5552 months ago
Victor8o59 months ago
4chan and other chans
Torrent sites
My uni's webpage

I would like to find some solid webpage about electronics and tech with theory to learn and practical examples.

love2mejack2 years ago
Yes every one do the same and I'll also post in favorites sites.
NXTHacker2 years ago
I mean
ooh ooh!
Taste of Awesome
deviantART muro
Well, there are loads more, but I'm sure y'all know the others. =D
muro? I've never heard of divineArt muro :S
& Netflix
Seleziona5 years ago
i like instructables, blackle, amazon, and lockerz
Why do you like blackle?
Apart from Instructables my top three at the moment would be:-
Because I prefer to pass on my unwanted things to someone who can use them rather than have them end up in a landfill; I have picked up a lot of things as well, a good deal of the timber I have used in my 'ibles have come from friends I met through freeGle.
Because I am a bit of a movie buff, I enjoy looking up odd bits of obscure info about movies & trivia about their production.
We enjoy our garden & have a lot of plans for it particularly to make it as child friendly as possible for our grand children.
Although this is a fairly new site I think it has a lot of potential, I pop in several times a week & have posted a few articles myself.
muhuwj20103 years ago
emiiclare3 years ago
2. (prettiest crocheted items ever!)
sassimo033 years ago (laugh your but off) (laugh your butt off even more)
and finally (angry video game nerd is the BEST!)
monsterlego3 years ago
1) instructables
2) youtube
3) onemorelevel
4) nitrome
you like nitrome? cool....did you play die hard?-the 100th game on nitrome..
Nitrome must die.
Haven't got around to it. is a awesome game site!
mnb73 years ago
batonas3 years ago
vishalapr3 years ago
Mine are:
mine is
ElvenChild4 years ago
and finally my small and developing site
zack2474 years ago /
did i mention
LoneWolf4 years ago
One of many:
chalie44 years ago
 In no order...
alice2c4 years ago
I've got tons of free stuffs from this site: suntekstore, which offer one freebie every hour. The point of the game is to be first one click the button when the countdown clock goes to 00:00:00. I've been cheating by changing IPs so ;-) is a newish site that is looking for more ideas and people to share what they do to be green. i love being green. stop by and show your green~ness
Plasmana5 years ago
This and That
Rickroll site is fun to use on some people.. :P
quesoman5 years ago
LoneWolf5 years ago
TSC5 years ago
well played
tweety535 years ago
I'm liking this site very much. There is a site that I love, its called points2shop and its free.....check it out........
here,here,here,and here
 fail, fail, fail, and fail

jk lol i'm assuming those weren't meant to be hyperlinked and were refering to instructables!!!!
instructables life-hacker the escapist magazine deviant art hackaday Wikipedia filehippo
The Jamalam5 years ago youtube.
ry259205 years ago
dark sponge5 years ago!!
akosin5 years ago
sir-zeke5 years ago
lemonie5 years ago
This popped up out of (where? after 18days).
3 (adult)

neatorama reddit inhabitat treehugger
Ninzerbean5 years ago
For the shear beauty of a well done website I got here every once in awhile to oooh and ahhh. You have to wiggle the needle over the yarn ball to see what she made.