Everyone loves a good boycott!

Everyone knows about my Kar98k model. Here's a link!


Look at the post date. Now look at this!


That son of a b**ch stole my gun, and gave me no credit. So i have a favour to ask. Not just to boycott. Infact the opposite. The spam about how it is MY gun. Because it IS. So complain on the vid about how he STOLE MY GUN.

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Der Bradly7 years ago
welcome to teh interwebz.
ajleece (author)  Der Bradly7 years ago

Wow. Didn't expect you to comment.

rofl4957 years ago
he gives credit but i dont know if it was there before.
No, it wasn't there before.
But you can barely call it "credits" as the whole video claims it's "his" idea.
~Z~7 years ago
 Done. I dont care about my account that much... Shall I spam "This is not your work" on his comments?
~Z~ ~Z~7 years ago
Yes.. I guess i shall
travw7 years ago
Shadowman397 years ago
This guy deleted all our comments.
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