Excitebike made out of wood

This pixelated wooden motorcycle that Justin Harder made based off of Excitebike is just awesome. It looks like a ton of work and love went into this one. Great job.
ExciteBike motorcycle built out of wood hits us like a ton of pixels

Picture of Excitebike made out of wood
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seabananers7 years ago
awesome i just downloaded the wii ware version then i saw yours
PKM7 years ago
That link doesn't work for me... examining the source I see

<a href="http://ExciteBike motorcycle built out of wood hits us like a ton of pixels">

Something may be broken...
marxdarx PKM7 years ago
Works for me. Maybe try again?
marxdarx7 years ago
The linkl doesnt say if it runs...I suspect it wont. Extreme temperatures + wood = fire The CG video is awesome though. I'm guessing the person who made the bike was inspired by the video as well as the game itself. I hope he shows the final result. Painting, make a pixelated suit and helmet....etc.
Haha, I loved that game when i was little! It was the only one that my brother would let me play :D I wish it wasn't wood, though, then I could actually ride it!
BluTiger7 years ago
That is just SWEET!
bowmaster7 years ago
Haha, that's cool. Looks like it was made out of Lego.
dombeef7 years ago
It looked like legos at first until i saw the name
Still great bike and can you use it?