Exoskeleton Helps the Paralysed Walk

Exoskeletons frequently hit the news as projects to make super-soldiers, but a new, more slimline version has bee built by Israeli company Argo Medical Technologies. Inspired by the paralysis of one of their own engineers, ReWalk allows wearers to walk, use stairs, stand and sit.

The wearer switches between "modes" with a tap on a wrist-pad, then controls the actual motion by shifting their upper body-weight. For instance, they would hit "stand", then lean forward to make the ReWalk straighten its exo-legs.

The device is much more streamlined than some other systems, run from a very flat pack-pack, and can be worn all day, but is only suitable for paralysis victims who still have good control of their arms and shoulders.

ReWalk seems much simpler and lighter than other exoskeletons, but that seems to be because the designers have not tried to replace the entire walking function - balance is still down to the wearer, using crutches, but I imagine practice could reduce that to sticks, or even a single stick.

Weight and fitness seem to be factors as well - the man in the video is was an Israeli paratrooper, injured on duty, and there are no shots of the rather portly wheel-chair-bound inventor wearing the ReWalk, but I think you'll agree it would still be a major benefit to an awful lot of people.

This video is in German, but shows more shots of the exoskeleton, and has clips of the designer discussing his project.

Picture of Exoskeleton Helps the Paralysed Walk
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IT'S Z, NOT S!!!!
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
It's only a Z until you learn to spell properly, dear.
*sighs* I love the British. But their spelling...ugh...
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
Check the time-line - who borrowed and bastardised the language from whom?
:) Aw, I know we changed the spellings. Just poking a bit of fun...

But that dosen't make it RIGHT. :D
I am going to google

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ok ok it is spelled with an "Z" not a "S"
but I bet that the British do spell it like that...
That's the joke. :)

The British commonly replace perfectly good S's with Z's. They are also very wasteful of U's, using them all over the place where they're not needed. They also have the deplorable habit of replacing A's with E's, as in gray, which they spell "grey", They also misspell fairy, which I believe they spell "fairie".

Poor, poor, Englishmen....
And what about switching "r" and "e"? Example: Center/Centre
Ugh, that too!
Anyway, the title has "paralysed". It's supposed to be "paralized". Must have confused it with "paralysis". No British issues here, just a plain misspelling methinks.
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