The EL wire Contest seems expensive and how many people actually have EL wire?

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its quite correct to say "its wrong to spend money on something in order to win a contest! " but since its only 250 dollars, i doubt there will be few people doing that. i am guessing that the people who are entering have been intrigued with starting a project and just needed a little something to pull them out of their inertia. i am planning a project that will involved el wire. ( i have ALWAYS loved that neon lighting, and now its the TRON visual effect) however, my plans will just be starting as the voting is concluded. but thats okay for me because it will give me ideas on how to make my project better.
TSC7 years ago
I do not have EL wire!!!
MACKattacksnipe (author)  TSC7 years ago
Then dont enter
I may not enter at all!!
MACKattacksnipe (author)  TSC7 years ago
You don't have to enter every contest
I know that!
revelae TSC7 years ago
I do not as well!!!
TSC revelae7 years ago
Hmm ok!
toku7 years ago
Share promo codes!
frollard7 years ago
Red Green Blue   3m for 10 dollars shipping included // 12v includes inverter.

Order soon or it won't arrive before the contest is up!
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