Exploding pumpkin

I wanna blow up a pumpkin Any suggestions???

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seabananers7 years ago
"when in doubt C4" Jamie Hyneman
you could make a pvc bomb out of 2 1 inch diamerter end caps that screw into each otherand fill it with flash or black powder. then drill a SMALL hole in the side for the fuse. You can buy black powder at any gun store.
Isn't that a pipe bomb and aren't they like, super illegal?
well, yes, BUT a pvc pipe bomb is mostly a loud firecracker and would take extrenuating circumstances to produce any lethal effect. i know that any and all DIY pyrotechnics are illegal unless you have a licence, but then it really isnt in the context of DIY.
Ive had previous experiences with pvc bombs and i have found that they can be very destructive. Maybe it was the type of pvc i used but i dropped one in an old bathtub at the bottom of a hill and there were SHARDS of plastic wedged in the tub. But we filled them full of black powder and glued the ends together.
I've had similar experiences. notice though that i was talking about using 2- 1inch pvc pipe ends that are threaded to screw into each other. the you can only fit about 1.5 tablespoons in one of those and because of the smaller surface area and blocky shrapnel produce a significantly less lethal effect with less penetrating efficiency while retaining a decent amount of power. I'm confident that this would be very effective in destroying the pumpkin yet still be relatively safe.
Ah. So two end caps threaded together your saying? We used a 2-3 inches of 1 inch pipe with caps glued on. That was pretty deadly. But i assume that something of your size would be less destructive but still enough to get the job done. Good day sir.
i ahve done it flash powder and bottel
mumblyjoe10 years ago
OK smart guy, where you going to get a pumpkin in May or June? Now that's an instructable I'd like to see!

Anyway, the others are right, liquid gasoline just burns. Trust me, I have the photos to prove it -> Burning Pumpkins 2004 :). Gasoline fumes, on the other hand, are fairly explosive but they need to be ignited in a semi-confined space (like a can).

Once, long ago, I blew up a pumpkin using a small hairspray can. Got a big bang and lots of flying shrapnel fun. We used gasoline to set the can off, clumsy and unpredictable, but it worked.

In any case, if you blow your fingers (or some such) off, you're on your own. Word to the wise - this stuff is dangerous.
lemonie10 years ago
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