I am looking for ideas for an explosion for water bottles or soda bottles.I am not looking for: coke and mentoes sugarcubes and vault vinegar and baking soda My version of an exploding bottle is chucking one up in the air an watching it blow up when it hits the ground. Please post some Ideas!(or if you happen to come across a way to invent a watter bottle cannon, that shoots full water bottles...POST IT!!!!) i can also give you help on all of your explosion needs. or you can email me at sockerpro@gmail.com

fd188 years ago
If I could tell you the number one way that I know of to make it explode I would have to go with the spud gun. Take a very thicke container that has a lid, Drill a hole in it then attach some kind of barrel to it. I've used anything from medicine bottles to 6 inch piping. from there fill it with hairspay(auqanet[brand]) and spark it. For medicine bottles I drilled a hole in the body and put a lighter under it(wear a glove!). Or if it's something bigger by a lantern sparker from a camping store. For ammo use anything that will fit down the barrel.
ike9 years ago
Umm... have you heard of "The Works" and aluminum foil? Apparently this works with "Draino" and "Goo-Gone" as well, but be careful as this heats up and if you get on your skin it will burn. Also, you could use dry ice and warm water, or hydrogen peroxide and the black stuff inside batteries (this also gets hot).