Explosive Fun with a Capacitor Bank

Watch a 24kj capacitor bank as it discharges through various objects. Maniacal laughter follows each one and a slo-mo montage finishes it all up.

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Picture of Explosive Fun with a Capacitor Bank
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junits157 years ago
where did u get all those caps!? and how did u charge this?
I have that same question too...
Plasmana, can you remember the equation to get the amount of joules from the capacitance and voltage? I can't... Also my guess would be collection over a few years unless they have some cash lying around, I knew a guy that had five one farad and pretty high voltage caps on his shelf in his room...

E = Energy in joules.
V = Voltage in volts.
C = Capacitance in farads.
I got the answer but thanks anyway.
Is this what you're after?
too many complex formulas, hurts the mind of and eith grade algebra student..... X(
dead on, cheers kitington joust...

yes I did just change your name to that... I do it a lot granted it sounds better when said...
I"m going to say ebay and probably charged through several MOT's.

Lets see, there's 100 capacitors, 10 sets with 10 capacitors in each set in parallel. It's max charge is 4500 volts at 2400uF

Since electrolytic capacitors don't go that high of a voltage, I'm going to assume that the 10 sets are in series. That means that each capacitor must be rated at 450 volts and 2400uF

lets see if I can find an ebay link to a product like that (probably sold in bulk at 100 caps.


He probably bought it somewhere else, or a listing that was a good deal earlier (like a one time sale, not a store).
wat is a MOT?
Microwave oven transformer You find them in microwaves (LOL) They output about 2000 volts at a couple hundered milliampe (very deadly transformers)
I soo need to find the money for a major cap bank to blow these myna-bird pests out of the sky, I hope I can make a coil gun that won't explode being hooked up to this :-)
Ooh, I see it now... I'm about ready to use my favorite onomatopoeia.

Now I'm seeing a flying ball of plasma hurdling at a board of oak just outside my garage... God, am I pyro.
mweston7 years ago
Through various objects... I wonder what other various objects that could discharge through... obnoxious siblings maybe :-P
Great idea.
tech-king7 years ago
sigh. the power of the coilgun i could build with that bank.............
Hmm, among other things ;-)
<evil cackle>


</evil cackle>
danlab7 years ago
I had a science teacher with a much smaller version of this, try hooking it to a coil of heavy wire (probably need about 2 guage for this capacitor bank), and put an aluminum soda can in the center of the coil
Good fun. BEEEEG sparks. I'm guessing it either exploded, sparked a lot, melted, or all three.

Oh, and did your cell phone/pacemaker/laptop survive it? Or did you not try it?

Of course you did... muahahahaha...
geeklord7 years ago
this could kill someone right?
not that i care...........:D
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
ahh, fastmhz I remember him
philgenius7 years ago
Your bus rails are sparking. Might want to look into that.
starwing1237 years ago
Railgun, coilgun, Tesla coil, an much more. I'm wondering how much it cost
roosta7 years ago
discharge it through a HUGE ball of wire or steel wool. that would be damn impressive. youve gone big on the bank, now go big on the effects ;)
Plasmana7 years ago
Nice electrical explosions!