I am going to be filming an action film soon and I need to some explosives to use in some shots. Anybody know how to make some? I can get pottasum and all that stuff I just don't know how to make it. I also need an electric fuse so it can be set off manually not by having to wait. So if any one knows how to make that too.  I was going to use black powder but wondered if there is a better way. It will be covered with dirt to make a dirt explosion not all fiery. 

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pokiesmokie3 years ago

as for what to use to make say, some one being shot and haveing blood splater i reckermond using a firecracker ie a lady finger for a small effect or a biger fire cracker for a larger shot. not like a m 80 just one single fire cracker then u can wrap a blood filled baloon or a plastic grocrary bag filled to the amount of blood you want, then cut and reseal the bag so there is no air in the bag or slack on the bag. to reseal use a vacume sealer or cut off excess then use a lighter to melt the ends of the bag and use your fingers to seal it up. try some test sizes with bag sizes and diffrent sizes of fire crackers. rember to use week plastic to hold the blood because firecrackers are not that strong. and once againg dont shoot your eye out.

pokiesmokie3 years ago

well to set off the explosive on demand, you could use model rocket igniters and the launch controler. it works by batterys shorting out the igniters. the igniters have a combustable chemical at the end of them, when depressing the launch button a short is made heating the igniters to the point of combustion. it is all most instontanious when you use enough power. and dont shoot your eye out!!!!

If you got to ask you don't have the skills to work with explosives.

Very small amounts can kill as little as a few grains is all you need to loose your life.

Bomb making is an art form that is not for amateurs.

caterpi3 years ago

be careful friend

caitlinsdad3 years ago

A lot of the explosions are done in post production using a good video editor. You might want to look into compressed air and other special effects devices to throw dirt and debris. Flame or fireball effects are standard so a lot of tutorials out there on using it. Look up indy mogul on youtube. His channel is all special effects on a really tight budget and for the indie filmmaker. Leave real explosives to the pros for safety and cost. Good luck.