Extravagant Couture Hats by Philip Treacy

I was watching project runway last night and in a sneak peak for next weeks episode I saw that designer Philip Treacy will be guest judging.  I decided to google him and thought his extravagant couture hats were worth mentioning!

I am not surprised that he has designed hats for Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker two fashionistas daring enough to push the boundaries of fashion.

Picture of Extravagant Couture Hats by Philip Treacy
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kelseymh7 years ago
Whoa! Is that the Fortress of Solitude? I'm picturing a tiny Kal-el climbing out onto Gaga's nose....
You have a weird mind. :p
And you're only just now figuring this out?
He will learn.
He? Who he?
He that doth question the nature of thy being.
And "he" is not.
He (Kryptonite) keeps forgetting that He (LR) is not a HE, but a she.....hee hee
You rang?....wait, not me...
I love them but I sort of have an issue with calling all of them 'hats.' There are definitely 'hats' that seem much more like masks or hair accessories to me! Of course, if I had the opportunity to wear one I probably wouldn't get into that discussion with him (though I kind of prefer the less hat-like selections...)
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