Extreamly fast burning fuse! uses?

Ok so I was just out buying fireworks and i found some fuse. I needed it as a fuse for a mini cannon i was going to make so I bought it. But i relized after I bought it that it said burns 1 foot in .6 seconds!!!! Thats fast. When i burnt a small piece of this I found this was true. It to fast to use as a fuse so now what can i do with it?!?!?!? I have 25 feet!!

Use it to light a sparkler.

Or use it to join stages in a rocket.
Goodhart5 years ago
Yeah, I agree with Lemonie and DM here, you have a one shot fast light fuse, otherwise, up closer, you might as well stick your hand, match (or lighter), and head inside the firework (I am NOT recommending that, btw).
ALogan975 years ago
You can use it to light fireworks from really far away without waiting very long if you have a lot of it or to link fireworks together so they go off near-simultaneously
lemonie5 years ago

You've got a 15 second fuse, that might let you run up to 100m away....