Extreme laser cutting - First reason to enter the Epilog contest.

I was doing my daily rounds, one of which is to search 'steampunk' on flickr, when i happened across these. With the upcoming Epilog contest, i thought they were most relevant.

From, Flickr user Jared most of his good work (for a quick glance) is in his lased Flickr set

If your looking for an incentive to enter, just have a browse through these pictures. My personal favorites are the cool cubes. Which i think would look great on any desk.

There is alot more to be found, if you have a browse. Any of you on flickr, be sure to drop some nice comments.

Picture of Extreme laser cutting - First reason to enter the Epilog contest.
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Deeder8 years ago
Laser cutters are very sleek machines, I run an abrasive waterjet and can get it to do some fairly amazing stuff, from pumpkin carving to engraving marble to.. well making those Borg-ish Cubes this fellow has... they're very nice.. I've made some dice with different imagry cut out of them, similar to the way you make the cubes Tbh, I am jealous of lasers operators... they dont get nearly half as dirty as I do but they can't cut through 8in thick steel.. mahah
gmjhowe (author)  Deeder8 years ago
haha! I think a laser cutter is suited for domestic use though :P
Berkin8 years ago
jeff-o8 years ago
*sigh* I already KNOW that I need a laser cutter. Jeez, rub it in, will ya?
Derin8 years ago
Just testing my avatar change.
KentsOkay8 years ago
Holy cramoly! Or should that be holey chrome?
Omg! That was lame and it still made me laugh for 10 minutes! HAHA
CameronSS8 years ago
Okay, gmjhowe, when I beat you and win the laser cutter, I'll send you the bits to make some.
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