FAT Labs "Count in Your Head" Challenge!

As those in-the-know know, FAT Labs is currently at war with NYC resistor.

NYC Resistor proposed that people should compete at counting on their fingers.

FAT Lab countered that people should compete by counting in their head.

I strongly encourage everyone to take a stand for mental arithmetic and enter into the FAT Labs "Count in Your Head" Challenge!

(disclosure: I am a member of the FAT Labs)

Picture of FAT Labs "Count in Your Head" Challenge!
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I want that minute and twenty-nine seconds back in my life.
Skyfinity8 years ago
I'll show you! I am going to count from 1 to a googleplex right now! In my head, so I'll need absaloute quiet! I count super-fast! DONE! Aren't I awesome! All in my head!
randofo (author)  Skyfinity8 years ago
Make a video and write it out!
fwjs28 randofo8 years ago
1,2,skip a few...GOOGLEPLEX!
agent Skyfinity8 years ago
Holy crap that was fast! O.o
Dr.Bill8 years ago
there is a thing called 'chisombop' where you count with your fingers. its very fast. johney carson had a little girl on his show that could out-count a calculator with this process. it was amazing to say the least.