FM Transmitted Music: iPod --> Receiver

I'm working on a total customization of my bicycle, and just had to have some speakers. My iPod's earphones are a bit finicky when it comes to moving around with them, and really constricts my hearing of cars, causing me to not be the safest rider. Now, I've tried hooking larger speakers up to my iPod (a few topics on that), but the iPod simply couldn't power them, causing me to need an amp, etc., etc. I'm hoping I've found what I need with this subject. Could I build an FM radio transmitter, to be hooked up to my iPod, and receive my music with a sports radio I have? Would my music be louder, since my radio plays loud? I'm sure I could build the circuit, but it is the technicalities I'm worried about. Thanks!

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whatsisface10 years ago
You'd probably be better off just buying one, like an iTrip for around $25 rather than risking violating FCC rules, interference etc...
Bran (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
True, very true. Still, would the iTrip give me a louder sound from transmitting the sound via radio?
NachoMahma Bran10 years ago
. The transmitter/receiver shouldn't have much effect on how loud it is, but it will have an effect on sound quality. The amplifier driving the speakers will determine loudness.
whatsisface Bran10 years ago
Most definitely, as the radio is battery powered and will most likely have some kind of built in amplification.
Bran (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
Cool, thanks.
gyromild10 years ago
There are small FM transmitters can take input from MP3 players, flash drives. Choose the transmitting frequency, and any FM radio receiver within 1.5 meters radius can pick it up. It's quite commonly available, and cost around USD7 here. However, I'm not very sure of the legality of it's usage in your part of the world.