Here press my name for paper gun and knex gun!!! here some example of paper gun

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I'm going to try this. Maybe.
I prefer the paper guns with rubber band firing pins (stay tuned for the instructable) but these are still nice. How many different designs have you made?

Me and various family members sometimes have whole battles with those guns. It's pretty epic (yes, I'm posting an instructable about that too).

ya your stuf is really cool so far ive made about seven pistols a shotgun (the pumps work and etc on all) a sniper and an mp 40 two of my pistols are glocks>
kaze5008 years ago
wow ur stuf is so cool!!!!!!
Undermig (author)  kaze5008 years ago
Lol ty click on my name if you wanna make them
make an Instructable on number 5
Undermig (author)  letsgo2tescos8 years ago
yea i am already working on it for a totorial
That explains why I haven't seen a tutorial for it.
Undermig (author)  treytor8 years ago
lol it shoud be finish this week end prob.
chopstx8 years ago
nice. whats the 5th one?
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