FREE DOWNLOAD Anarchy Cookbook Version 2000

Beware, this download can can you into trouble with law enforcement as well as injuring yourself, others and property. Read with care, and use your common sense. There are 219 items, but below is just a selection. Versions of this book have been on various sites on the www for some years.

Pictures and Reformatting for Word6 by Louis Helm
Table of Contents
1.Counterfeiting Money
2.Credit Card Fraud
4.Picking Master Locks
5.The Arts of Lockpicking I
6.The Arts of Lockpicking II
8.High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox
27.How to make Potassium Nitrate
28.Exploding Lightbulbs
29.Under water igniters
30.Home-brew blast cannon
35.Phone Systems Tutorial I
36.Phone Systems Tutorial II
37.Basic Alliance Teleconferencing
38.Aqua Box Plans
39.Hindenberg Bomb
41.Phone Systems Tutorial III
42.Black Box Plans
43.The Blotto Box
45.Brown Box Plans
46.Calcium Carbide Bomb
47.More Ways to Send a Car to Hell
48.Ripping off Change Machines
49.Clear Box Plans
91.Remote Informer Issue #4
92.Remote Informer Issue #5
93.Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines
94.Ma-Bell Tutorial
95.Getting Money out of Pay Phones
96.Computer-based PBX
97.PC-Pursuit Port Statistics
98.Pearl Box Plans
99.The Phreak File
100.Red Box Plans
102.Scarlet Box Plans
103.Silver Box Plans
104.Bell Trashing
105.Canadian WATS Phonebook
106.Hacking TRW
107.Hacking VAX & UNIX
108.Verification Circuits
109.White Box Plans

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Plasmana7 years ago
I hear it is quite out of date, it there another book like this that is more up to date? :D
awz123 Plasmana7 years ago
As far as I know this is the best there is, most of the stuff in there is out of date but the explosives and some of the other ideas do work still...
It's an internet collection of "stuff". Like those jokes you heard in the playground at school - they're still there like chickenpox. There may be an updated version, but I have a tendency to think it will have things added to it, and not much removed.

Kiteman7 years ago
Is this any more accurate than the "original" cookbook?

That was downright dangerously wrong in places.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
 I ignored a lot, mainly I wanted to learn what that phone hacking was about, as part of my interest in telephones
.  It's been 20 years or so since I read The Anarchist's Cookbook, but, IIRC, ALL the stuff about phone hacks is terribly out-of-date.
It's all out of date, but is a panoramic snapshot of the past. And I'll add that it is the best use of the Internet Archive /'ve seen so far (can't find the things I've looked for). But I'll dampen on that with - this stuff is so all over the internet it doesn't need to be dug out of an archive. Hoverver-ing - this is a past dated-copy from back then.

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 I got RSS feeds letting me know all sorts of things, I can go through them pretty fast because of my memory, almost instantly I link items together and know which detail to review futher.

I do a unpaid news clipping service in return for favors, some local business get me forwarding items I pick up, I have even spotted possible new contracts coming up, before they get announced officially.

Once I wrote a letter to editor to support a local company to get a site on cheap rent, then rushed to withdraw it, when its manager told me, the landlord had forgotten to bill them for rent for years.

I told him, own up, honesty is the best policy.

He did not, now to retain that, he owes back rent, he wont, good bye site
Wow, how do you miss collecting rent? Too many properties perhaps. Yes I agree with you on that one - there's only so long you can go before someone finds out about these things.

I found out "we" hadn't paid for ~£1,700.00 worth of goods - someone was complaining that the goods-receipt was still accruing and could I fix that? When I spoke to the supplier it turned out someone had made an error and never invoiced us...
Did we miss out on some free-stuff? No, they'd get audited, they'd bill us one day, might as well be honest about it.

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 It went for 2-3 years.

The property was part of a business here in Porirua. The manager believed the rent was paid.

But his head office in Auckland had forgotten all about invoicing.

Consequence of centralizing their accounts department to Auckland, they could no longer look out the window and see the property being used.

The local manager saw the property being used, but had no access to the billing department in Auckland
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