FREE GIFT!! Get a 3’x4’ b&w Engineer Print!

Hi everyone, I’ve got a good one for you today! Our friends at Parabo Press are giving 1,000 people in the Instructables community a FREE jumbo 3’x4’ Engineer Print ($25 value), printed from your own photo! Order through their app, just pay shipping.

Get the app at and use promo code MAKER.

Then post here to share the print you made!

**First time customers only, limit one per person.

Picture of FREE GIFT!! Get a 3’x4’ b&w Engineer Print!
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rbinford21 year ago

Hi there! Anyone know if this promo code still valid, judging from the response on here it seems there should still be some of the 1000 left to give away? I hope so! Just tried to order in the app and the code didn't do anything. It didn't give a fail message or anything just disappeared from the final screen before completing the order and never adjusted the pricing. I was planning to have an old 17th century star chart printed to start with. Also, if anyone from the company is reading this, it would be awesome to include a way to directly use pictures from Google Drive or Dropbox, or I had to download and then move to my camera folder manually so i wouldn't lose any resolution. Unless there's another way to accomplish this I'm not finding? Thanks looks pretty awesome, hope i can get one !

This offer has expired, I wrote and asked. Hope this helps.


amoong1 year ago

this coobean interesting !

I just ordered a cool cityscape, although I have to say - ordering on my phone was a pain. Although, I can deal with it for a 75c print + $10 shipping.

onemoroni12 years ago

I can't figure out how to order. Is it only for cell phone photos? Is it only for iphones?

FranzHoff2 years ago

I just ordered mine! Thank you for the Gift! Shipping is $8, but could be better with bigger orders, I don't know.

pauldash292 years ago

this looks like a fantastic offer.

Love the pink socks!

makendo2 years ago

Here's mine

Carleyy (author)  makendo2 years ago

Oh wow! That is so beautiful!

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