FREE Science Stuff!

Free vials and closure sample by filling out a simple form. Mine came in today ,cool glass and plastic vial assortment  best of all Free!

Just fill out the form and receive the Free Scientific bounty that awaits!
Put in my request  10/31/12 received today 11/19/12.

Picture of FREE Science Stuff!
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Alywolf2 years ago

Awesome I am going to check this out.

JM19993 years ago

Any left???

Thank you for sharing lucky! I just got mine, and I'm very happy. I can't believe they're really giving them for free. :-)

By the way, I miss your ible's.

Looks interesting
Lucky7x7 (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
have used some for storing first aid liquids like alcohol, peroxide, iodine for mini kit. Also have some with flints, magnesium shavings,crushed match heads for fire starting.
Just requested some; Those are all great ideas Lucky, I intend to use them for that.
Lucky7x7 (author) 4 years ago
i got 1 in October to my home. then another in December to my office. Then "simply.alon" got 1 in February so i would assume offer still applies.
simply.alon4 years ago
Thanks for sharing. Giving it a whirl.
Lucky7x7 (author)  simply.alon4 years ago
i had one sent to my home and one sent to my office. great little vials.
Just received today! Talk about quick response. They even payed $2.50 s/h. Gratitude! Thanks again for sharing.
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