Free tool patches!

...patches! Free tool patches!

[edit: original title must have looked too spammy...fixed]


Well, it's not quite as fun as real tools in the meatosphere, but it's almost as fun! Tools are so important for making stuff (duh). We couldn't live without tools.

Ask here for your favorite tool, and ye shall receive! Maximum 3 per customer, no exchanges or refunds. Nontransferable. Void where prohibited. 

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and i rated you a 5
can i please have a hammer,a drill, and a screw driver PLEASE.
sunshiine6 years ago
I would totally appreciate your kindness in gifting me some tools for several ibles that I am working on. I seemed to have misplaced a hammer, wrench, and a drill! I am most happy with a hammer if you are limited though. Thanks! Have a super day!
splazem6 years ago
If you still have patches left, how about... a hammer. That's a good tool. Anyway, thanks!
vishalapr6 years ago
Could I have a dremel please! I'hve always wanted a dremel...
Bwbt16 years ago
Please could I have a Machete and a Torque Wrench?, Thanks

P.S. I Subscribed and rated 5*
2hot2hack6 years ago
an axe.if you were on a island it would be the one tool i would take

rate this its a good question!
the one tool i would take would be a boat!
yes good. but you can make a boat with an axe
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