CLOSED - FREEBIES! Giving away FOUR 3-month Pro Memberships!

I'll be old and gray before I'm able to use all the wonderful PRO Membership
time I have in the bank.

Paying it forward. Four 3-month PRO Memberships up for grabs.
Please allow those who do not currently have memberships
to take advantage of this offer.


Leave a comment, and if you are not currently subscribed, I'll
send a link to you for a free trial membership.

If, once you are a member, you create a published Instructable in the
next three months, I'll give you another 3-month membership.

First four only, please.


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Can ihave one pleese :)
Happy2Think4 years ago
Hi, I hope I will get on time this time to get one of the Pro Memberships you are giving
Thank you
WUVIE (author)  Happy2Think4 years ago
Hi Happy, looks like it worked, whoo hoo!
You're a PRO.

You're more than welcome. :-)
Thank you again

Happy2Think4 years ago
Sad I got too late
WUVIE (author)  Happy2Think4 years ago
Just this once, I'll make an exception. :-) Coming your way.
hrice14 years ago
Did you already give the 4th one away or did I miscount?
WUVIE (author)  hrice14 years ago
Hello, Hrice1! I've lost count, too, but I'll gladly send one your way since I didn't officially close the offer until just now. Enjoy! Check your email...
hrice1 WUVIE4 years ago
Thank you sooooo much. I really appreciate this. Sincerely, Holly
WUVIE (author)  hrice14 years ago
Holly, very happy to help. It was great to be able to share with you. :-)
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