Facebook Usernames

So who is actually staying up until 12:01 to try to get a facebook username? I'm pretty confident my actual name won't be taken (it's not a very common name), but I am debating going for something funny. My top choices: 1. index.php 2. tom.cruise 3. my best friend's name

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briackman8 years ago
i already got mine and i didn't know it (its facebook.com/shamwow)
Sunbanks8 years ago
You'll be able to get usernames on facebook now?
Too bad they disabled my account or I would have seen that sooner...
What'd you do?
They say I wasn't who I said I was. I'm not sure if it's because I picked a random school to say I went to or because I used a different last name than my real one.
You say it as if it's a false accusation!
I think they could just be insane. They should at least make it so that people don't have to post their real last names. Or a way to make it private. Because if you actually know the people you're friends with, they should know your last name.
You can make it so that people can't search for you. The only way to become friends with you would be for you to add them.
Oh well, too late! :D
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