Facebook for Nerds

This may be just me, but does anyone else feel as if Instructables is a social network of nerds?

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ChrysN6 years ago
Creative nerds!
happyjo6 years ago
I do think we are that and more however.
I.E. more than 'just' a social network, the purpose being "more" for the sharing of projects than just chatting about them or each other. :-)
Of course!
Not exactly. Ibles lacks some of the site features that I think it would need to qualify as one. There's certainly a community here with some prominent and popular users (the celebrities, if you will), and there are many more dedicated posters and plenty of lurkers too. This site is more of a project network with the potential to be a nerd social net.
Otherwise I'm talking out my rear, deliriously waiting for an infusion of tools.
I agree with caitlinsdad - geeks love to hack stuff, so it's no wonder a site like this attracts that demographic.
Are you calling me a demographic?! Well you are a fezztizzio. See? I can make up words too, Sister.
>blinks< Here, Keith, I'm going to buy you a wonderful thing, it's called a dictionary...take two, they're small...
I know what a demographic is! Its.....a kind of hot sauce?
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