Facebook has went way downhill

I made a facebook account and added no information or friends to it. Every single person that facebook suggests that I may  know is a female. Out of around 60 people. Explain that algorithm. Most are young attractive females. The advertising was getting way bad too when I had it before. And I was getting posts from friends of friends of friends. No thank you. You done messed up facebook.

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There is a reason I refuse to use it, you found it.
Spam at a flood level is another.
Lack of security and no rights to your own content and profile makes it complete.
IMHO the service should be banned.

avocadostains (author)  Downunder35m28 days ago
I agree. They sold out and had some poor intial motivations/algorithms. It actually started as a 'hot or not' using college students pictures. It is unfortunat because the notification system/organization/settings customizability is top notch. I don't think their is a more advanced social networking site out there. Yet still the dark side of the force goes stronger with every new 'feature'.

When it started Skype was considered to be a "threat" and with more users.
Slowly the platform became more user friendly and with more features.
All was fine and good until the guys decided to make profit and retire.
Suddenly the ads were exploding in mumbers and their content , well, let's say odd...
With every new "feature" the amount of spam sent to your Email account became more.
And as with every "social media" app, the fakes outnumber the real people there.
I can register a FB account with no details at all, no real info given just to spam on other people.
And in return a new user can enjoy up to 200 spam mails a week.
Now add a great list of friends and you spend half of your day sorting the spam out.
All because of what/ to accomplish what???
FB is nothing more than a spam platform with unbearable ads that has the added benefit that you might be able to contact people you know.
The only one really using this app are your bosses to check on you so they can fire you for misconduct ROFL

avocadostains (author)  Downunder35m28 days ago

Haha. True. I concede.

avocadostains (author)  Downunder35m28 days ago

Or repurposed. Let the government and businesses use it for internal communications and have it actually be secure. If people want to socialize, let them actually talk to each other. (as I sit here writing this on my computer, I do see the irony.)

If you're not paying for the service...

They're making money off of you.

avocadostains (author)  Yonatan2428 days ago
Totally. I believe in non profit. Pay the workers and invest everything back into the business. THats hilarious about the breakfast meme. Love it!