Factory Tours in Pennsylvania by Made in America.

Hey guys n gals that live in or around York, PA....during the period of June 17-20th, in York County, PA 20 factories will be opening up their doors for visits behind the scenes.

Find out more about this at: Made in America, 2009 York County

I saw this FIRST on page 168 of the new MAKE mag.

Picture of Factory Tours in Pennsylvania by Made in America.
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Ferrite8 years ago
That's awesome, that isn't too far from my house. Looking at the sight though, I have actually toured the Herrs potato chip factory. The chips straight out of the fire off the assembly lines are fantastic : )
Goodhart (author)  Ferrite8 years ago
If I do get out, I will be sure to wear one of my T-shirts ;-)
Ok, I will look around if I am able to go, I am going to Philmont on the 20th so I will probably be busy.
Goodhart (author)  Ferrite8 years ago
Yeah, I won't be able to get to any of them except on the 20th; oh well :-)
Goodhart (author)  Ferrite8 years ago
IIRC, my wife and I toured Herrs, too :-) I am hoping to get to a few of the others though on the 20th,