Factory Tours in Pennsylvania by Made in America.

Hey guys n gals that live in or around York, PA....during the period of June 17-20th, in York County, PA 20 factories will be opening up their doors for visits behind the scenes.

Find out more about this at: Made in America, 2009 York County

I saw this FIRST on page 168 of the new MAKE mag.

Picture of Factory Tours in Pennsylvania by Made in America.
Ferrite6 years ago
That's awesome, that isn't too far from my house. Looking at the sight though, I have actually toured the Herrs potato chip factory. The chips straight out of the fire off the assembly lines are fantastic : )
Goodhart (author)  Ferrite6 years ago
If I do get out, I will be sure to wear one of my T-shirts ;-)
Ok, I will look around if I am able to go, I am going to Philmont on the 20th so I will probably be busy.
Goodhart (author)  Ferrite6 years ago
Yeah, I won't be able to get to any of them except on the 20th; oh well :-)
Goodhart (author)  Ferrite6 years ago
IIRC, my wife and I toured Herrs, too :-) I am hoping to get to a few of the others though on the 20th,