Failed K'NEX MBA Gyrojet

Here are just some views of my failed K'NEX MBA Gyrojet. I could not get it too shoot, and it does not look right. Overall, its, as some would say, meh.

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didexo4 years ago
You make the strangest pistols Ive ever seen.
XD, yeah, I guess I do. Does 'ibles really need any more 1911s and Desert Eagles?

we need a good T33 Tokarev if you would ask me

Nope. It needs (more) good Mp7's
True...I should try one some time...
I haven't seen it internally, but it looks like some things could easily be fixed. First of all, the tip/front part of the barrel could be made shorter by removing the Y-clips. Also, the thick barreled part and trigger guard could be made shorter; maybe even an extend the shorter part of the barrel a little bit. If you did just that (even though I'm pretty sure you've already dismantled it) It'd probably be a lot more realistic looking.

Easier said than done, right?
Yeah, this gun could easily be fixed and made to work, I just gave up on it because I was bored. XD, yes, easier said than done.
oh my goodness you drive me crazy by calling these things failed XD I think it looks great to be honest with you, what is it? range?
XD, really? Well, it may look great, but I was too lazy to finish it. Besides, its no that cool of a gun anywho. Well, I don't know that range would have been an issue, the gun did not work, so I called it a fail. =D
it still looks good XD
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