Failed MTAR

Hey guys. Well, after seeing BM's latest Bullpup (L85A2), I thought I'd try my hand (again) a a new Bullpup. I intended to build an MTAR from Black Ops 2, but as you can see by my title, I failed / was unhappy with what I had. If you'd like to, go ahead and finish it.

-The Red Book of Westmarch

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akshat210453 years ago

I love this gun on BO2, maybe just my favourite after the MK 48 with a target finder and dual wield KAP 40s!

Really? You are a LMG guy? I don't understand you... Why would you want to walk around so slowly? I prefer ARs or SMGs over LMGs. I just prefer the maneuverability and accuracy of ARs over the rate of fire and high capacity of LMGs.

That why I usually use dual wield KAP 40s... and I really don't like guns with small capacities.

Yeah, I can understand that, but that is where extended mags come in!

Well, now I have totally changed my loadout. It works much more efficiently and I always come first!

So my loadout is a KSG with a quickdraw attachment and a stock, so I get a kill with one shot. And for my secondary, I kept my dual wield KAP-40s cause they are too bad-ass.

Good attempt Red, you should try and use elements from your own and other instructables members that have made great K'nex guns. I will posting my first handgun instructions in a few days.

Yeah, I gave up on the project, but you are welcom to try if you like!

Nah, I've got a lot of reviews and instructions to do this year

Sounds good! =D

an MTAR from Black Ops 2

The MTAR is not from Black Ops 2.

For bullpup designs with little room behind the magazine, either a slingshot mech, or something similar to Seleziona's second Skorpion would be the best way to go.

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