Failed/Unposted Projects 1

I was not allowed to post this normally, so it HAD to be a forum topic...

So from now on, I'm going to take a picture of every gun I've made, even if they fail miserably. They will be going to be put into similar slideshows like this.

The First gun is just your average break action pistol. Loads orange connector-green rod-grey connector bullets. The hinge on this gun was super strong, and the front barrel locked onto a part of the handle guard when it was broken open.

Horizontal mag gun. Some of the first success I've had with an auto loading horizontal mag gun. It had some loading issues so I didn't post it. It was also flimsy, and would break 1 out of 5 grey connectors that it shot (Not good at all!).

Pistol (Blue rod shooting). Just your average pistol, the equivalent of a blue rod shooting desperado. It had a nice, strong trigger. I would've posted it but my last pistol didn't go down well with over half of the people who saw it, and nobody would've liked this because it was really generic.

Super Piece Efficient Turret Rifle. This gun was made to be one of those guns that if you needed another one for a war and you were low on pieces, this would be the gun to make. It was really powerful, really comfy and had a really nice trigger. You can sort of see the piece efficiency reflected in how the gun looks. it could reach ranges of 70+ feet. I didn't post it again, because blah blah blah not innovative enough, to generic, too ugly blah blah blah. I included enough pictures in there if you wanted to build it yourself. It's really simple.

Last but not least, another "perfect" war gun. On this version I tried to make it piece efficient and light, and it IS. This thing is light! It has a turret rifle, a slingshot on top, and a blue rod shooting gun on the bottom that can be easily adapted to what ever kind of gun you want on the bottom. If you wanted a shotgun, something else, it is easily modifiable.

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MegaMetal86 years ago
I Need the break action pistol.
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
lol, 'm working on a better one. Something I forgot to say in this was that the break action pistol had a trigger so when you pull it a little bit it shot one, and then you pull it more it shot another one. It was cool
Ah cool. I Will build this gun when you post.
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
I'm in the works of making something even better right now, I'm just working on the trigger right now. It's still a break action gun, but it uses shells, the same kind that the tr8 uses. It's six layers thick, and has a sort of bolt action thing on the side of the barrel that when you pull it back it ejects the shell. It's pretty cool, but it looks kind of messy and doesn't get to good of ranges.
I Don't care if it's messy or bad range.

Just do instructions please and I could have a crack at modding it?
The first and last one are the best. Although the last one has more potential to be a "war" gun with mods to everything to make it sturdier.
Seleziona (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
It was very sturdy as it was. It didn't need to be any thicker.
Ah, I see. It just looked weak in some areas I think.
Seleziona (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
oh, okay, i see where you're coming from.
Yup. Just trying to think of what to build now lol.
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